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The purpose statement is the most important part of your presentation or talk.

And here’s why: Everything you do within your talk or presentation will depend on the clarity of this statement.

It is your argument, proposal, proposition, and thesis all rolled into one. Because it is so important, it is something you should devote time to perfecting. Because often ideas are extraordinarily complex and sometimes not yet fully baked, it can be challenging.

We need to simplify.

Time to bring out the 3-Step Purpose Practice!

Stand Out As A Leader In Your Field With A Unique Voice & Point Of View

Start by embracing a process that helps you by getting clear on the kind of presentation you need to make every time.

A Tool and Process You Can Use Forever

The 3-Step Purpose Practice is a repeatable, easy to use process that can help you get clear on any presentation or talk so the audience remembers.

We Make The Process of Determining What To Say Easier

We provide a process that that helps you get crystal clear on your message quickly and easily.

In This Course You'll...

Get Clear On What Kind Of Presentation You Are Creating

In this module you will uncover what kind of talk you will deliver so you can get a sense of the style of your talk.

  • Learn the six different kinds of presentations that exist and how to determine what kind of presentation yours is.

  • Uncover what your audience is actually looking for in your presentation so you can start with a clear focus.

  • Discover how to combine the different types of presentations so you can connect with your audience.

Un-jumble Your Thoughts With A Proven Process

In this module you will dig into the details In this module you will use the proven What/How/Why process to create a clear purpose statement for any presentation.

  • Get clear on your topic or subject so it’s short and sweet

  • Be able to articulate the action you want to take around that topic or subject

  • Discover the future outcome you want to create through your talk

Bring It All Together In One Purpose Statement

In this module you connect these different pieces together to create a strong purpose statement for your talk.

  • Use language lures to connect the ideas easily.

  • Learn the basic editing techniques to un-clutter your purpose.

  • Be ready to develop a larger talk and presentation using the Communication Canvas.

"Working with Nick and his program has been extraordinarily valuable. It's not just about improving my speaking, but also how I communicate. It has led to television appearances, countless international keynotes, and more."

~ Dr. Afsaneh Alavi, Mayo Clinic

If You’re Presenting Complex Information You Need a Proven Process for Success

Join the 3-Step Purpose Practice Today So You Can:

  • Follow a proven process to help you create a clear message from the start for every presentation you deliver.
  • Choose the right kind of presentation so that you connect with your audience.
  • Stand out a as a leader in your field with a unique voice and point of view.
  • Use the right language so that you engage your audience every time you speak.

Your message won't be heard AND you won't get the credit you deserve unless you can deliver a compelling talk.

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