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 All Leaders Have the Same Three Problems...


Lack of Time

To articulate a vision and focus on issues that differentiate you and your business

Lack of Clarity

To get clear on what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Lack of Leadership

Leaders must be seen and heard. Most importantly, they must be understood.

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Save time.

Get clear.

Stand out.

Book A Strategy Session


A high touch, high impact one-on-one coaching program to help executives stand out as a thought leader


Get clear on your goals

Determine the ultimate objective – what does success look like?

Start with Purpose

Get clear on the What/How/Why of the business message and position it in a way that will resonate. Then build your messaging.

A Performance Mindset

Embrace a new approach to delivering so that you stand out.




Start with a SMART goal to focus on and work towards it.

Refine your message

Monthly output for specific goals. We provide a summary of all content including additional research. 

Bring It All Together

Refine and review on a monthly basis. We evaluate what's working, resonating, and then refine it further.

"Working with Nick and his program has been extraordinarily valuable. It's not just about improving my speaking, but also how I communicate. It has led to television appearances, countless international keynotes, and more."

~ Dr. Afsaneh Alavi, Mayo Clinic

If You Are A C-Suite Leader Responsible for Presenting Complex Information You Need a Proven Process

  • Follow a proven process to help you create a clear message from the start for every presentation you deliver.
  • Choose the right kind of presentation so that you connect with your audience.
  • Stand out as a leader in your field with a unique voice and point of view.
  • Use the right language so that you engage your audience every time you speak.
  • Work with an executive communication coach who is your personal advisor.
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