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Ready to turn your speeches into TED-worthy presentations?

Kindler & Company will help you position yourself as a thought leader in 16 weeks, or you don't pay.



Note: These calls are for senior leaders, thought experts, or change makers who communicate regularly and/or have a complex message to share. If you are NOT A SENIOR LEADER OR EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD and your company is smaller than 5 million in annual revenue, this program is not for you. 


Our company will guarantee you three key results 



A Clear & Concise Message

We'll help you turn complex subjects into simple concepts that land. Every time.

Powerful & Engaging Stories

We will help you leverage the power of storytelling and give you a framework to help you transform your message leaving your audience wanting more.

Top Speaking Performance

We can help you perform and deliver your message so your audience moves towards action!

It’s a simple formula:

Great Message + Powerful Stories x Strong Performance = Increased Credibility

We GUARANTEE these results. So if we don’t help you develop and deliver a TED-worthy pitch or presentation that positions you as a thought leader, you don’t pay. 


Although, you must hold up your end of the agreement to qualify for the guarantee. 


COMPANIES we have worked with 

LEADERS who worked with us
using our Impact Process


Achieve these career-changing results. 


If you want to learn more about our Impact Process that will help you save time, get clear, and stand out as a thought leader, click below.



Meet Your Coach


Nick Kindler

CEO, Author, Speaker

A keynote speaker, communication coach, and eternal entrepreneur, Nick Kindler works with leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and academics to become stronger, more effective communicators and speakers.

Nick is the author of "Impact" a blueprint to help innovators become better communicators.

A passionate advocate for innovation and communication, he is Head of Programming at SingularityU Canada, former coach and Director of Programming at TEDxToronto, and co-founder of speaker development agency, Talk Boutique.

As founder and CEO of Kindler & Company, he provides transformational learning experiences that help leaders become better communicators.