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At Kindler and Company we inspire, educate and empower leaders to create a better world through improved communication through transformational learning experiences

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Why is it so hard to communicate clearly?
The tools and the content.

The exponential growth of technological communication tools has made our world smaller AND more challenging to navigate.

At Kindler and Company we're passionate about helping drive more clear communication which is why we provide organizations trainings and certifications through a number of programs highlighted below.

Kindler and Company

Save time. Get clear. Stand out.

We have transformed hundreds of brilliant leaders and ingenious expers, from Deloitte partners to Mayo Clinic specialists, into TED-worthy speakers.

Join Kindler and Company's training programs, where we provide your teams with a safe and trusted space for sharing and learning, so that you can expand your capabilities and continue to grow as an organization.

Observe your teams' progress and build on their momentum from one stage of growth to the next. Embrace new challenges and build on your capabilities today!

1. Communication Mastery Training

(4 Day)

In this 4 day program, through case studies, exercises, and action items, you and your team will learn how to create clarity, understanding, and engagement by simplifying and honing your topic, developing a powerful presentation framework, and mastering the science of storytelling. You’ll move through the essentials of creating a purpose statement, building a story structure, and using compelling language that captures and engages your audience. Finally, you’ll learn to deliver your knowledge in a way that commands attention—from memorization and rehearsal methods to vocal techniques and body language. And you’ll learn how to position your lighting, background, and microphone for a flawless on-screen performance.

Price Per Participant: $2,080 + HST (minimum class size: 15)

Certification Awarded: Kindler & Company Communication Mastery Certification 

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2. Communicate With Impact (2 Day)

In this two day training, you and your team will learn how to determine the purpose for ANY talk, presentation or meeting quickly and easily and we'll show you how to engage your audience using storytelling techniques and tools. We will also show you how to set yourself up for success and how to hold yourself so you can deliver an engaging presentation, every time.

Price Per Participant: $1,040 + HST (minimum class size: 20)

Certification Awarded:  Kindler & Company Communicating with Impact Certification

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3. Communication Complexity Training (Full-Day)

Helping leaders in innovation communicate clearly to achieve better outcomes. 

Leadership is communication — and for no position is the task more crucial, or more fraught, than for entrepreneurial leaders. In this full day session, you will practice practical tools to communicate what’s most important and move people in the right direction, day-in and day-out. 

Price Per Participant: $1,250 + HST (minimum class size: 10)

Certification Awarded:  Kindler & Company Communicating Complexity Certification 

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Meet Your Instructor; Nick Kindler

CEO, Author, Speaker

A keynote speaker, communication coach, and eternal entrepreneur, Nick Kindler works with leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and academics to become stronger, more effective communicators and speakers.

Nick is the author of "Impact" a blueprint to help innovators become better communicators.

A passionate advocate for innovation and communication, he is Head of Programming at SingularityU Canada, former coach and Director of Programming at TEDxToronto, and co-founder of speaker development agency, Talk Boutique.

As founder and CEO of Kindler & Company, he provides transformational learning experiences that help leaders become better communicators.

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