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We inspire, educate and empower leaders to create a better world through improved communication.


Why is it so hard to communicate clearly? 

The tools and the content.



The exponential growth of technological communication tools has made our world smaller AND more challenging to navigate.


This is compounded by the fact that we are living in one of the most gloriously innovative times in the history of the world. These same exponential technologies are converging to create remarkable innovations and discoveries in energy, finance, food, biology, engineering, the environment, medicine, and more, requiring greater expertise and specialized knowledge.

The message and mode of communication become muddled.


That’s where we come in.

Meet Nick Kindler

CEO, Author, Coach


A keynote speaker, communication coach, and eternal entrepreneur, Nick Kindler works with leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and academics to become stronger, more effective communicators and speakers.

Nick is the author of "Impact" a blueprint to help innovators become better communicators.

A passionate advocate for innovation and communication, he is Head of Programming at SingularityU Canada, former coach and Director of Programming at TEDxToronto, and co-founder of speaker development agency, Talk Boutique.

As founder and CEO of Kindler & Company, he provides transformational learning experiences that help leaders become better communicators.


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Ingenious Experts Speak Up and BE HEARD
Develop your voice. Create your content. Own your delivery.


We can help if you are responsible for developing new technologies or software solutions or if you are responsible for teams of people developing new technologies or software solutions.

We can help if you are an expert or a burgeoning expert in a complex area, be it science or finance or insurance, and you need to share your knowledge with others.

We can help if you find yourself speaking in public regularly to assist in promoting their business, organization, association, or product.

We can help if you have teams that need to improve the clarity of pitch and presentations.

Kindler and Company provides transformational learning experiences that help leaders become better communicators.

Our Path to Impact is an operating model and can used independently or collectively for more robust communications. .


If we simplify, we will provide access to those who normally would not be exposed to the content. If we transform, we will help people understand. If we perform, we will create engagement. In doing so, we will have a real impact.

We make an impact so our clients can too 

What leaders are saying about our programs.

Clint Mahlman



Nick has been an excellent speaker coach for our senior executive. He has an outstanding natural ability to make senior executives excel at group speaking skills.

Bernard Lebelle



We turned to Nick to help us set-up and orchestrate our internal Speaker Bureau training program. He has the uncanny ability to help a speaker cut through the clutter of curse of knowledge and craft a compelling TEDx-grade narrative.

Dr. Molly Shoichet



I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nick Kindler -  he is a great coach. He was not shy about giving me critical feedback but did it in a way that was productive and effective. It was fantastic to work with him and I'm happy to recommend him highly.

Tony Hunt



I have done well before, but your work has unlocked another level of leadership presence for me.

Prashant Masand



Nick coached me to change the way I thought about a topic and to make it more relatable with personal stories, that were relevant and impactful. I feel transformed for the better!

Valerie Fox



This is 21st Century skilling.

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